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Get to Know: Baseball's #13 Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan has committed to play at Pt. Loma Nazarene in San Diego. He has been a Big Brother at Brophy and the Vice President of the STEM club. He is hitting .316 in his first six games this season with a home run and four RBI. 
What is your mindset right now?
“I want to get back really bad. I have to be safe with it so I can play and nothing is hurt in the long run.”
What has it meant to be part of the Brophy baseball program?
“It is awesome. The brotherhood separates us, but being in the dugout and on the field is always fun. Everyone has my back, and we all love each other.”
Are there any interesting stories with all the Jacks on the team?
“Not really, but there is a kid in my class with the same name but who spells his name Jaxon Ryan. Coming in my freshman year, I got all his stuff. It was fixed.”
What are you excited about Pt. Loma.
“You can’t beat the ocean. I am right there for the next four years. The program is awesome, and the coaches are super down-to-earth. They got me through it all.”
What does it mean to you to play in college?
“It is incredible that all the work I have put in has led to this. I am grateful for everyone who has helped me out on this road. It seems like a program similar to Broohy. I am excited about it.” 
What are your goals for the group and individually when you get back?
“We want to win a state championship and region. I want to do everything I can to help out. I am not looking for my stats. I want to do everything for the team.”
What has your STEM club participation done for you?
“I struggled with math, so I went into it. I enjoy trying to help the other kids because I understand their struggles.”
What is a fun fact?
“I take cold showers every day. I don’t remember the last time I took a hot shower.”
Why do you wear No.13?
“I always have since I started playing club baseball. I think it was a combination of two soccer players who wore 10 and 3 when I was younger in club soccer. I put the two together.”
You and Meissner attended middle school together?
“We have gone to school together since kindergarten. On the first day of kindergarten, we sat at lunch together, and he was tocking me off a little. I shoved a strawberry on his face. That was our first interaction together. We have grown since then.”

Who is your Favorite Artist? Kid Cudi
What would be your walk-up song? Red Room by Offset
Favorite baseball player: 
Ronald Acuna Jr.
What’s your favorite dinner: 
Philly cheesesteak
What teacher has inspired you the most: Profe Baron
Who is your hero: 
My Parents
What would the title of your biography be? Step by Step
What actor would play you in your biopic: Christian Bale
How would you use a time machine: Go back to the Wild West
Fun fact or talent: I can vert 10-7, but I can’t dunk

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