The principal and his administrative team oversee and guide the faculty,
as well as the academic, spiritual, athletic and co-curricular life of the students.


Jim Bopp, Principal

Mr. Bopp and his administrative team are responsible for facilitating the academic success and spiritual well-being of every student. His team also seeks to provide appropriate co-curricular activities that complement Brophy's Jesuit model and that reflect a wide variety of student interests. In all efforts, Mr. Bopp and his team are guided by the Jesuit principle of cura personalis — or care of the person — and are focused on supporting each young man on his journey to becoming a Jesuit-educated Graduate at Graduation: open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving and committed to doing justice.

Assistant Principals and Deans of Students

Brian Johnson, Dean of Student Formation

Dr. Johnson is responsible for the conduct, attendance and safety of all students. He and his staff are committed to Brophy's Jesuit mission of developing the whole person. Dr. Johnson oversees all campus and safety concerns and serves as an advocate for students in resolving educational, personal and spiritual concerns that affect the overall quality of the academic and community life of the school. Dr. Johnson and all Dean's Office personnel are committed to offering equitable and inclusive treatment to all students and their families as a means of empowering students to succeed in fulfilling the goals of the Graduate at Graduation.

Kendra Krause, Assistant Principal for Faculty Development and Director of Loyola Academy

Ms. Krause leads the effort to support faculty in their efforts to grow and improve in the craft of teaching. She also leads Loyola Academy, Brophy’s middle school for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade boys who demonstrate substantial academic promise as well as verified financial need.

Mica Mulloy, Assistant Principal for Instruction and Innovation

Mr. Mulloy directs and oversees all technology on campus with a particular emphasis on supporting teachers in their evolving adoption of technology as a tool to enhance teaching and learning. He also teaches Advanced Photography in the Fine Arts Department.

Austin Pidgeon, Dean of Student Support Services

As the Dean of Student Support Services, Mr. Pidgeon is responsible for addressing significant, long-term student issues that require a coordinated and extended response from various faculty and staff members. Mr. Pidgeon will provide administrative oversight, support and coordination for college counselors, freshman advisors, the Academic Resource Center, mental health counseling and Brophy’s Student Assistance Program. He will also direct formative programming for students, parents and staff throughout the year.

Drew Rau, Assistant Principal for Ministry

Mr. Rau directs the Office of Faith and Justice which organizes and oversees the myriad Brophy activities that define Brophy as a Jesuit school. These activities encompass prayer and sacramental life, immersions, exchanges and pilgrimages, retreats and service. Mr. Rau also leads Brophy’s annual two-week Summit on Human Dignity which highlights an issue of particular relevance and informs students on its nuances, as well as its social and political ramifications. He also teaches Sacred Lands of Arizona and co-moderates the Romero Program in the Religious Studies Department.

Seamus Walsh, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

Mr. Walsh directs Brophy’s academic program, chairs the Academic Board and partners with all department chairs regarding curriculum development. He oversees the Advanced Placement and Rio Salado Dual Enrollment programs and directs the academic side of Brophy’s summer school program. He also teaches one senior English elective each year.


Pete Burr, Director of Activities

Mr. Burr manages the co-curricular activities of student clubs and organizations on campus and serves as the faculty moderator of the Student Council. He also teaches Video Production and Digital Storytelling in the Fine Arts Department.

Josh Garcia, Athletic Director

Mr. Garcia oversees the activities of all Brophy athletic teams and is Brophy’s primary representative to the Arizona Interscholastic Association. He is also head coach of the baseball program.

Deena Sellers, Director of Equity and Inclusion

Ms. Sellers leads the Office of Equity and Inclusion which seeks to ensure that all community members are represented equally and that everyone has the resources necessary to grow in understanding of what it means to be inclusive, anti-racist and an advocate for equity and equality for all. She also teaches in the World Languages Department.

Mike Ward, Director of Admissions

Mr. Ward directs the activities of the Admissions Office, managing the development of each freshman class as well as the admission of transfer students. He also directs Brophy's Office of Alumni Relations.