Catholic and Jesuit

As a Catholic, Jesuit school, Brophy College Preparatory is committed to instilling in our students a great reverence for God and to offering a powerful faith experience. Jesus Christ himself is the center of our mission to inspire and nurture each soul. The teachings of the Catholic tradition, especially those renewed by Vatican II, and the rich social justice implications of the Gospel are what propel our community in prayer, sacramental life and service to all, with a focus on the poor among us.

At Brophy, the lives of the saints promote our Catholic identity and Jesuit charism. St. Ignatius, who saw himself as a companion of Jesus through his Spiritual Exercises, brought together and formed men who would go on to “set the world on fire," sharing the good news of Jesus worldwide and especially through educational institutions. Brophy’s patron saint, St. Francis Xavier, was one of St. Ignatius’ first companions in the Society of Jesus. He models for our community the great faith necessary to go to the frontiers of the world where people are in need of justice and spiritual nourishment.

However, we reveal our Catholic identity even more through our great devotion to Mary, Mother of God. She is our Mother and in closeness to her, we become closer to Jesus. Upon his conversion to greater service to Christ, St. Ignatius held vigil with our Lady and chose to relinquish his sword and worldly possessions to her as he sought her guidance and support at the monastery in Montserrat, Spain. His devotion to Mary carried him throughout his life. We, too, ask the intercession of our Lady and seek to follow her son more closely. Mary, our Lady of Guadalupe, is especially dear to the Brophy community as her image inspires us in prayer inside the chapel and watches over us outside the chapel. 

Finally, our Catholic identity is lived here at Brophy as we encounter Jesus Christ in communion with the whole Church through the prayer of the Mass, receiving the Eucharist, receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, seeking spiritual renewal on retreats, praying daily in gratitude and petition, serving the needy, giving in charity to local and global agencies, traveling on immersions to express solidarity with the world and contributing to the advocacy work of our diocese to promote the dignity of all life.

Brophy is proud of its Catholic, Jesuit heritage and gladly accepts the responsibility of being part of the Church in the modern world.