The Office of Faith and Justice oversees all aspects of Brophy's student-centered ministerial and sacramental life, including those programs that make Brophy uniquely Jesuit — retreats, Ignatian service, immersion experiences and the annual Summit on Human Dignity.

Drew Rau ’02

Assistant Principal for Ministry and Director of the Office of Faith and Justice
Mr. Rau graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in theology (religion and culture concentration) and government (international relations concentration). Before returning to Brophy to teach in 2019, he worked as a senior researcher and editor for Georgetown's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and for Georgetown's Office of Global Engagement. He has taught in the Religious Studies Department, served as co-director of Brophy's Romero program and has served as Brophy's CORE Coordinator in conjunction with Jesuits West Province.

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Juan Pablo Marrufo del Toro, S.J.

School Chaplain
Father Juan Pablo is the Brophy College Preparatory chaplain and also teaches in the science department. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in business with a minor in physics from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Guadalajara; a Master of Arts in social philosophy from Loyola University Chicago; and a Master of Divinity with a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Jesuit School of Theology in Santa Clara.    

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Myles Kelley, S.J.

School Chaplain
Mr. Kelley is a Jesuit Scholastic who works with Fr. del Toro in ministerial duties and assists the Office of Faith and Justice in myriad ways. He holds a B.S. in management from Boston College, an M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from Loyola Marymount University and an M.A. in social philosophy from Loyola University Chicago.

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Chris Birnbaum

Activities Coordinator
Ms. Birnbaum supports all aspects of the work carried out through the Office of Faith and Justice. She joined Brophy in 2023.

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Bryce Deline

Director of Ignatian Encounter
Mr. Deline earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy from St. Louis University and a Master's of Fine Arts in creative writing from Creighton University. He was a member of the Society of Jesus from 2009-2020, and was deeply affected by his making of the Spiritual Exercises as a Jesuit novice. The Spiritual Exercises comprise a large part of his work at Brophy — he directs faculty through the Exercises and coordinates a program for their training as directors. In the Office of Faith and Justice, he oversees the junior service program, Ignatian Encounter. He also teaches creative writing in the English Department.

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Scott Heideman

Big Brothers Coordinator
Mr. Heideman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary education from ASU. His emphasis is in health and physical education. He has been a member of the Brophy faculty since 2007 and also coaches varsity football and lacrosse. Mr. Heideman serves as the coordinator for the Big Brothers Program and the Freshman Retreat.
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Maggie Lauder

Director of Justice Formation
Ms. Lauder, a '99 Xavier alumna, graduated from Loyola Chicago with a double major in theology and women's studies. She earned an M.A. in theological studies from Loyola Marymount University. Post undergrad, she completed a year of service with the Sisters of Mercy, along the U.S./Mexico border, and later moved to Southern California to teach theology. Before returning to Arizona, she spent four years working with a nonprofit as a restorative justice coordinator and is a trained mediator. In the OFJ, she works with the freshman and sophomore service programs and supports Brophy's effort with CORE. She also teaches in the Religious Studies Department.

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Steven Schillig '15

Director of Retreats and Reflections
Mr. Schillig graduated from the University of San Diego with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a bachelor's degree in theology and religious studies. He returned to Brophy as a member of the Alumni Service Corps in 2019, and the following year joined the Religious Studies Department faculty and the staff of the Office of Faith and Justice as the Director of Retreats. He teaches Philosophy and Christian Ethics.

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