Cura Personalis and the Well-Being of Students

Jesuit education stresses cura personalis, or care of the whole person. As a Jesuit school, Brophy strives to provide a full range of support for its young men, including access to a licensed counselor, as well as a team of school counselors (sophomores, juniors and seniors) and a team of freshman advisers. A student-teacher ratio of 17:1 allows faculty to make sure every student is cared for and supported, and that partnerships with parents are strong and effective. For information on mental health resources, visit this page.

A Message from the Counselor and Teen Lifeline

Life can feel stressful and overwhelming. Our school community is here to help you if you're experiencing anxiety or any issue that is impacting your quality of life. Please talk to someone about it, such as a teacher or counselor. You can also reach out to Teen Lifeline's confidential hotline by calling or texting the number on the back of your student ID.

Teen Lifeline's texting hours have been expanded. Teen Lifeline is also available to parents and other adults who are in need of resources for their children. The following are our new hotline hours.

  • Calling is available 24/7.
  • Texting is available for extended hours: 12-9 p.m. weekdays; 3-9 p.m. weekends.
  • Peer counselors are available from 3-9 p.m. daily.

Contact Colleen Feeney Wilson, Psy.D
Student Assistance Counselor

Office | Romley Hall, Second Floor
Phone | 602-264-5291, ext. 6292