Counseling: Student Support at Brophy

The Freshman Advisory Program, College Counseling Department and Student Assistance Program, as well as the Academic Resource Center, work collaboratively with teachers and administrators to provide students and parents a network of support during their time at Brophy. These efforts are guided and coordinated by Brophy's dean of student support services.
At the onset of his freshman year, each student will be assigned a freshman advisor. The Freshman Advisory Program is designed to provide resources and support that are specific to the variety of transition issues that students experience during their freshman year. At the beginning of the sophomore year, each student transitions to a college counselor with whom he will work until graduation.
The Student Assistance Program is an important resource that is available to all students. Visit the Student Assistance Program webpage for more information. Brophy also provides a full-time licensed counselor who offers a variety of resources for students. Visit the Teen Wellness webpage for more information.

As a Jesuit school, Brophy believes in, and practices, cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." The intellectual, spiritual and physical well-being of every student is our priority. "Cura personalis comes down to the respect for all that makes up each individual." (Read more here.)