About the College Counseling Program

Brophy has five counselors dedicated to preparing students and parents for the college search, application, discernment and selection process. Each student is assigned to a college counselor at the beginning of his sophomore year and remains with that same counselor through graduation. Although the counselor’s primary objective is to prepare students and their parents for the college selection process, the counselor serves as the primary point of contact for each student and parent regarding any issue — academic, personal or otherwise — that may arise. You can always find the most recent information from the Counseling Department in the eNews, Brophy's twice-monthly newsletter.

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  • > The Program Is Graduated in Scope

    The college counseling program is graduated in scope so that over a period of three years, students are led through a process that increases in focus and individual attention each year.

    Sophomores will meet with counselors primarily in small group sessions to establish relationships, develop a college plan, discuss curricular options for their remaining years at Brophy, become familiar with Maia (college application software) and discuss summer options and course selections for the following year.

    Juniors will continue to meet in small groups with counselors during the first semester to update their college plan, discuss standardized testing, develop a timeline for testing and to begin to narrow down their college search. During the second semester, each junior will meet individually with his counselor to ensure that he is abiding by his college plan and standardized testing timeline; that he has developed a list of college options; and to finalize a plan for the college application process in the fall.

    This progression allows counselors to reserve fall semester for individual meetings with seniors who are in the midst of the most intense period of the college process.
  • > Parent Participation

    Parents are similarly engaged in the college process over the course of three years. Each year there is a mandatory meeting for each class, and every student is required to attend, along with at least one of his parents. These meetings provide information specific to each class about the college planning process.

    The Senior Parent Night is in the fall while the Junior and Sophomore Parent Nights are in January. In addition, quarterly Coffee Chats are hosted by members of the department. These optional events are specific to each grade level and are opportunities for parents to attend an open-forum-style event to have questions answered and to receive helpful information.

    Counselors are available to meet with parents about college planning on an individual basis beginning in the second semester of the junior year. Parents are encouraged to contact their son’s counselor at any time if they have concerns or believe that their son needs intervention (academic, personal or otherwise). To make an appointment with your son’s counselor, please contact the department assistant, Ms. Claudia McClelland.
  • > College Visits to Campus

    Through the fall semester, college admissions representatives from a variety of schools will visit Brophy. Seniors and juniors may sign up to attend up to five visits. Brophy and Xavier also host an annual college fair with more than 130 representatives from colleges around the country.

    Many colleges or groups of colleges hold area-wide receptions either at Brophy or at hotels or other facilities in the Phoenix area. Students are encouraged to visit the counseling department, located on the second floor of Romley Hall, to find out about additional college visits and programs happening in the Phoenix area.
  • > Professional Affiliations

    Brophy College Preparatory is a member of the National Association of Admissions Counselors, the Rocky Mountain Association of College Admissions Counselors, the Western Association of College Admissions Counselors, The College Board, The Jesuit High School College Counselors Association and other professional and educational organizations related to the college admissions process. The school is regularly represented at regional and national meetings of these organizations.
  • > CEEB Code

    The Educational Testing Service assigns each high school and university a numerical ID called a CEEB code. These codes are used by the College Board and ACT to match a test taker with his/her school. Brophy's CEEB is 030265.

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