Resources to Assist You in the College Selection and Application Process

Your best resources as you begin the college selection and application process are the Brophy counselors, the Brophy website (make sure to visit the Applying to College and College Testing webpages), and the counseling department news that is included in the twice-monthly eNews — Brophy's online newsletter. Parents, please mark your calendar for events such as Parents' Night, Coffee Chats and the annual Brophy/Xavier College Fair (events will be on the Brophy calendar and announced in the eNews). Contact your son's counselor if you have any questions.

Students and parents can also find secondary resources online or by visiting your local bookstore — there is no shortage of websites, articles and books that offer guidance and opinions on college choice and the application process.

Getting Started

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  • > College Counseling Sessions for Juniors

    Fall Semester

    Small group meetings:
    • MaiaLearning
    • Academic and Personal Goals
    • Introduction to the College Process
    • Majors and Career Investigation
    • Taking Ownership of the Process
    • SAT/ACT Planning
    Spring Semester

    Individual meetings with counselor:
    • Creation of college lists
    • Individual testing plans
    • Parent meetings
    • College essay writing workshop
  • > What Students Should Do During Junior Year

    • Maintain your focus on academics. 
    • Maintain your commitment to co-curricular activities you care about — what is your passion?
    • Form relationships with teachers.
    • Start researching schools.
    • Attend up to three college visits at Brophy.
    • Visit schools.
    • Take the PSAT in October.
    • We recommend taking the SAT and/or ACT during the second semester.
  • > Important Dates

    • Junior Parent Coffee
    • College Fair (time frame varies from year to year — watch the calendar and read the eNews for more information)
    • PSAT at Brophy
    • Junior Parent Night
    • Junior Parent Coffee
  • > Colleges Visiting Brophy

    Juniors can attend up to three on-campus college visits with admission representatives. For more information on this process visit the Colleges Visiting Brophy webpage.
  • > Parent Resources

    MaiaLearning is a great parent resource, as are the other resources on this page.

Contact the College Counseling Department

Contact the department assistant, Ms. Claudia McClelland, with questions or to make an appointment.

Visiting Colleges

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  • > Register Online for the Information Session and Tour

    Information sessions tend to run about an hour in length, as do the student-led campus tours. Walk-ins can often be accommodated if it is not a busy day, but it is a good idea to reserve your place ahead of time.
  • > Ask Questions

    In addition to asking questions of the admissions representatives and tour guides, look for opportunities to question random students on campus who will not be trained to give standard "admissions" answers. 
    Some questions to consider asking...
    • What do students do on the weekend?
    • How often do they engage with faculty outside of class?
    • Is it easy to schedule classes?
    • What is life like in the dormitories?
    • What is a favorite campus tradition?
    • Why did they choose to enroll there and what other schools did they consider?
  • > Take Notes and Photos

    The first and last campus visits are often the most clear in memory — be sure to document all the visits in between.
  • > Pick Up a Campus Newspaper

    What are the hot topics on campus this week? What events are happening on campus?
  • > Visit the Financial Aid Office

    If you know that paying for college is going to be a big part of your decision on where to enroll, stop by the Financial Aid Office to learn more about specific policies and how they try to meet demonstrated need.
  • > Contact a Brophy Alumnus

    Would you like to know if a recent Brophy grad is on campus? Talk to your college counselor to find out if he/she can put you in touch with another Bronco to learn about his experience.
  • > After the Visit

    If you loved your visit and would like to apply, send a note to the admissions representative who is assigned to Arizona. Share your experience and your excitement, ask questions and keep in touch.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Additional Information

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