When you pull into Manresa, Brophy’s retreat center on the banks of Oak Creek outside of Sedona, Arizona, you'll hear little other than the breeze rippling through the tops of trees, birdsong and the bubbling of the creek that runs through the high-walled canyon. Manresa was gifted to Brophy by Arizona's Babbitt family and is named after the town in Spain where St. Ignatius of Loyola lived in prayer and contemplation for almost a year, and where he began writing the Spiritual Exercises.
Beautiful and serene, Brophy’s Manresa includes the main house with meeting and sleeping areas, as well as a large kitchen and dining area; a chapel; and a number of cabins and dormitories. The grounds include picnic tables and recreation areas for basketball and volleyball. Hiking trails are plentiful throughout the area.

During the school year, students travel to Manresa for Kairos and Magis retreats, as well as team and club retreats. Brophy's parent organizations also host getaways for their members, including a Dads’ Club father-son retreat twice-yearly that focuses on maintenance and repairs on the property.
Manresa is well-loved as a place to decompress from the fast pace of campus life, and to pray, reflect and become closer to God and nature.