English Department Mission Statement

By pursuing three main goals, we strive to create students who will thrive in college and beyond. First, we seek to develop critical thinking skills required for students to understand and evaluate fiction and nonfiction. Second, we seek to enable all students to write clearly, analytically and creatively. Third, we seek to develop students’ values by synthesizing course content with students’ experiences using Ignatian pedagogy (context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation). By achieving these goals, students are prepared to become intellectual, independent and just leaders for our community.

English Department Faculty

Meet the Department Chair, John Damaso ’97

Mr. Damaso earned a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University where he studied linguistics and English (writing concentration). He taught English and Latin at Brophy from 2001-04 before pursuing a Master of Arts in linguistics from Queen Mary University of London. Mr. Damaso then taught English as a Second Language at ASU, and subsequently served as communications and marketing coordinator for the American English and Culture Program at ASU until 2007 when he returned to Brophy. He serves as an adviser to the Brophy Literary & Arts Magazine (BLAM), to Brophy’s satire newspaper, The Wrangler and to the Peer Editing Network (PEN). Mr. Damaso writes about educational technology on his blog.  

602-264-529, ext. 6284  ||  jdamaso@brophyprep.org