Mass Dress

Know the Dress Code!

For all-school Masses and other special events such as the Awards Assembly, students must follow this dress code:
  • A white, blue, gray or black pressed dress shirt 
  • Khaki, brown, blue, gray or black pressed dress pants (no pants with rivets)
  • Brown, blue, gray or black dress shoes (white soles are not allowed; “boat shoes” are not allowed)
  • Dress socks (white socks are not allowed)
  • A dress belt 
  • The Brophy tie 
  • Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed on Mass Dress days

There's a New Tie in Town...

Introducing the newest Brophy tie! Incoming freshmen will receive the new tie at orientation. Anyone else wishing to purchase the new Brophy tie can do so at the Varsity Shop. The cost is $20.

Please note that, for Mass Dress, any Brophy tie is acceptable.

Mark Your Calendar!

The 2023-24 calendar has been finalized and the events below will require Mass Dress for those attending. These dates may not be the only times that Mass Dress is required. Please make sure you are reading all school updates.

  • Aug. 12: Convocation (new students only)
  • Aug. 18: Mass of the Holy Spirit (all students)
  • Oct. 3: Jesuit Heritage Mass (all students)
  • Nov. 1: Mass to Celebrate the Feast of All Saints (all students)
  • Dec. 8: Mass to Celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (all students)
  • Jan. 30: Mass to Celebrate the Dignity of All Life (all students)
  • April 23: Transitions Mass (all students)
  • April 26: Awards Assembly (all students)
  • May 17: Baccalaureate Mass (seniors only)
  • May 18: Commencement (seniors only)

These events require Mass Dress for those attending:

  • Nov. 18: Father-Son Communion Mass
  • Feb. 3: Mother-Son Communion Mass