Science Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Science Department at Brophy College Preparatory is to develop critical thinkers who understand the ethical responsibility that comes with scientific knowledge. Students are encouraged to take classes in many fields of science so that they will understand the interrelated nature of the scientific disciplines and discover that the scientific method is common to all areas of science. We seek to ensure that our students have the scientific knowledge to become responsible citizens in today’s advancing society.

There are many opportunities in the science department for students to advance to honors or advanced placement level classes once they demonstrate proficiency in the prerequisite mathematical and scientific skills needed for success in these courses. Three years of laboratory classes are required for graduation but most students choose to take elective courses in science beyond the minimum requirements.

Science Department Faculty

Meet the Department Chair, Andy Mazzolini

Mr. Mazzolini earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona in 1983 and a Master of Natural Science from ASU in 1993. A teacher in Phoenix for many years, he has taught everything from biology to chemistry to physics and enjoys how all the sciences interrelate. Mr. Mazzolini joined the Brophy faculty in 2007 and, in addition to teaching, is involved with Brophy Robotics. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, hiking and reading—especially science fiction.
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