Consider Becoming a Part of Our Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is for alumni, parents and other friends of Brophy who wish to further our mission to educate young men to become Men for Others. You become a Legacy Society member by naming Brophy College Preparatory as a beneficiary of your Will, Life Insurance, Trust or Retirement Plan.
All legacy gifts are placed into the Brophy Endowment where the earnings are used annually to provide financial aid to students with verified need.
Including Brophy College Preparatory in your estate plan is a great way to:
  • Have a lifetime impact on the next generation of Men for Others;
  • Inspire future alumni to leave a legacy
Including Brophy in your estate planning ensures that your legacy will live on in our future generations of Jesuit-educated Men for Others

Get Started Below by Letting Us Know
How You Would Like to Participate

Be sure to consult your tax advisor before making a planned gift.
If you have questions about legacy giving, 
please contact President Bob Ryan.
602-264-5291, ext. 6332 |

Brophy Legacy Society

List of 1 items.


    Anonymous (6)
    Mr. Gary L. Allhiser ’66
    Mr. Philip C. Arnold ’68 †
    Mr. William F. Auther ’85 and Ms. Allison Wiener
    Frank D. Bannigan Estate
    Ms. Monica E. Boley
    Agnes L. Breen Estate
    Morey Brill Estate
    Mr. and Mrs. David C. Brown Jr. ’85
    Mr. David L. Bruner
    Mrs. Mabel R. Cahill †
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Calihan ’65
    Mr. Daniel T. Cavanagh ’69
    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Chester
    Steven and Martha Chung
    Mae Colcord Estate
    Mrs. Dorothy Collier
    Florence Cover Estate
    Mr. Arthur Cunningham ’76 †
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Davis ’87
    John and Betty Degnan Living Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen DeTommaso
    Robert C. Dodt ’33 Estate
    Leo J. and Jayne S. Dominguez Trust
    Mr. and Mrs. Evan Dreyfuss ’82
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dubberly
    Mr. Stanley Ellison
    Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Evans Jr.
    John and Alice Ewers Trust
    Rhonda and Christopher Forsyth
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Franz
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gallagher ’68
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gameros ’59
    Mr. Todd Govig and Ms. April McGrath
    Mrs. Ann Graham †
    Mr. and Mrs. John W.Graham ’75
    Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Hall
    John David Harris Trust
    Ms. Marilyn W. Harris
    Mr. and Mrs. James D. Harrison Jr.
    Mr. Albert J. Helm
    Mr. David W. Hickie and Mrs. Anne C. Hickie †
    Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Hilger '61, M.D.
    Andrea L. Howard Estate
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hudak
    Dr. and Mrs. James F. Hurley, Ph.D. ’57
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Inderrieden ’57
    Ms. Deborah Kauffman
    Mr. Michael P. Keahon ’73
    The Suzanne M. Kelly Trust †
    Mrs. Anne Kunkel and Mr. John F. Kunkel ’63 †
    Mr. Ed Kurakzu
    Mr. Gary J. Landi ’63
    Larens Family Trust
    Mr.and Mrs. W. Casey Lenox Jr.
    Mr. William J. Luke Jr. ’60
    Ms. Sophia Maloney †
    Mrs. Mary Masters Opila
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Mathewson
    Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Matteucci
    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McGroder III
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. McNeill ’64
    Menard Family Trust
    The Mercado Trust
    Anne E. Moschel Trust
    Mr. Peter W. Nauert †
    Ms. Anastasia Nealon †
    Mr. Timothy K. Phalen ’82
    Mr. Steve Pidgeon
    Ms.Kathryn Pierson Pidgeon
    Mr. and Mrs. William W. Pilcher ’74
    Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Z.Qureshi
    The Estate of Alfred and Catharine V. Rasor
    Mr. Ben R. Reid ’60 †
    Mr. Ken O. Reiman ’96
    Ms. Adria E.Renke
    Mr. Robert R. Russell † and Mrs. Mary Lou Russell †
    Mr. and Mrs. L. Maurice Shaw
    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smart ’76
    Ms. Marguerite Smith †
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael Sochacki
    Mr. and Mrs. William M. Staab ’64
    Mr. and Mrs. Russell G. Stephens
    Mr. John L. Strittmatter and Ms. Patricia J. Ganser
    Todd ’77 and Kathy Thull
    Mr. Thomas E. Trollope †
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Udovich ’71
    Mrs. Phyllis Vivian and Col. James A. Vivian ’36 †
    George E. Walsh and Mary B. Walsh Living Trust
    Mr. Joseph R. Watson Jr. ’79 †
    Mr. Christopher M. Watts ’87
    Mr. J. Colby Williams ’87 and Ms. Rory C. Higgins 

    † Denotes deceased donor

Planned Giving Options

Include Brophy College Preparatory as a specific dollar amount or percentage beneficiary.
Name Brophy College Preparatory as a remainder beneficiary of an existing policy by simply asking your agent for a change of beneficiary form.
Name Brophy College Preparatory as a beneficiary. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make a qualified charitable distribution of up to $100,000 per year to Brophy without paying tax on the distribution.
Consider giving appreciated assets to Brophy College Preparatory. For gifts of securities, you can deduct the full fair market value and avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation, up to 30% of Adjusted Gross Income.
Susan and Wally Chester
"Susan and I believe that the Brophy
educational mission and spiritual
teachings are the answer
to today’s drifting, values-challenged
young people. We have chosen
to keep giving after our passing
to affirm our commitment to this belief."
~ Wally Chester, Trustee Emeritus