Brophy's Jesuit Mission

Brophy is a private, Jesuit, Catholic college preparatory that is committed to the belief that all creation is a reflection of God’s love and presence which demands a passionate and generous response from the entire community. We are dedicated to students of all socio-economic backgrounds who have the potential and desire to maximize their God-given gifts.

By creating an atmosphere for academic, emotional and spiritual growth, Brophy College Preparatory develops critically thinking, articulate, sensitive and aware students with a strong sense of self-worth. Through the process of nurturing the soul, Brophy offers these students an intimate relationship with God and inspires leaders who are devoted to the service of others in a global community.

    • The Rev. Bill Muller, SJ – Vice President, Mission & Identity

Brophy's Jesuit Identity

As a Jesuit school, Brophy inherits the almost 500-year-old vision of St. Ignatius of Loyola, whose Spiritual Exercises affirm the ultimate goodness of the world as created, loved and redeemed by God.

From the foundation of the first Jesuit school in Messina, Italy, the Society of Jesus has focused the goal of education on developing the whole person. The purpose of a Jesuit education, in contemporary language, is to develop leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. Religious is understood to mean that the student has a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church and has systematically examined his or her own religious feelings and beliefs. The commitment to justice recognizes that we belong to a global community and bear personal responsibility for creating a world more peaceful and more merciful.

The goal of the school is to transform its community into “persons for and with others.” This hallmark of Jesuit schools was first articulated in 1974 by Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the former Jesuit Superior General, and “Men for Others” has become the living motto of Brophy students and alumni. For more on the transformational experience that is Jesuit education, visit the "Faith & Justice" section of the website.