Established in 2011, Loyola Academy is a college preparatory program for boys entering sixth grade who demonstrate substantial academic promise as well as verified financial need. Students attend the three-year middle school program at no cost to their families (the average yearly income for a student's family is $22,500).
Loyola Academy represents the uniquely Jesuit concept of magis — or more. Brophy's leadership recognized that Brophy could do more to educate boys who, because of family circumstances, might never have the opportunity for a college preparatory education. With the support of the entire community, Brophy developed Loyola Academy, an all-encompassing program that shepherds these students through a rich and rigorous middle school program and prepares them for Brophy and, ultimately, for college. Most graduates go on to become first-generation college students. As Loyola Academy Scholars, they embrace the self-discipline required by an 11-month school year with 10-hour days.

Loyola Academy's inaugural class graduated in 2018. In seven years, they made an incredible journey that will continue to branch out into new avenues of opportunity, challenge and growth. They, too, have embraced the concept of magis on their way to becoming more loving, religious, intellectually competent, open to growth and committed to doing justice.

In May 2019, Brophy celebrated as Loyola Academy's second class — the Class of 2019 graduated, and at Convocation in August 2019, we welcomed the newest group of sixth-grade students — the Loyola Academy Class of 2026! AMDG 
Banner photo: Loyola Academy's Class of 2019 Brophy graduates announce their college choices at a signing ceremony May 10, 2019.
    • 2019 Loyola Academy Promotion Ceremony

Congratulations to Loyola Academy's Inaugural Class — the Class of 2018!