World Languages Department Mission Statement

Our mission, as Ignatian educators, is to provide our students with a new lens through which they will be able to experience and appreciate the diverse languages and cultures of the world — past and present. By graduation, we seek to impart the following enduring understandings to our students so that they will be...

  • Understand the distinctive viewpoints that can only be experienced through world languages and their cultures.
  • Accept the challenge of acquiring another language.
  • Appreciate the connection between other languages and the English language.
  • Understand that language mastery is a life-long objective.
  • Experience and understand the enjoyment of learning language.
  • Have a more thorough understanding of the function of grammar and vocabulary in language.
  • Acquire the ability to accurately translate from one language to another.
  • Appreciate the history, mythology and literature of classical and modern cultures.
  • Will acquire the organization and discipline necessary for learning another language.
  • Understand the role of technology in language acquisition.
  • Understand that we can praise and worship God in other languages.
  • Understand the influence of Latin and Spanish on the development of the Catholic Church.
  • Understand that learning other languages connects one to the world community.
  • Value the richness of other cultures of the world.
  • Respect the dignity of the world’s people.
  • Recognize his responsibility as a member of the world community.
  • Experience the role of the foreigner.
  • Accept that one’s language is not the right way but simply another way to experience the world.
  • Realize the empowerment that language acquisition provides in future vocation and living the Gospel.

World Languages Department Faculty

Meet the Department Chair, Ian Carlos Munro Pérez

Sr. Munro earned a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from ASU and a Master of Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. He has been a member of the Brophy faculty since 2013. Sr. Munro teaches Spanish in the World Languages Department and also serves as the moderator for the Spanish Honor Society. Additionally, he is the head coach of the JV soccer team, and leads the Camino Ignaciano pilgrimage to Spain. Sr. Munro is a member of AATSP.

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