Mental Health Support


A Message from Bishop John Dolan (Part 1)

Bishop John Dolan reflects on the ways his own life has been changed by suicide.

Resources at Brophy

Brophy offers a number of resources to support students' mental health needs. A licensed psychologist, Colleen Feeney Wilson, Psy.D. is available doing the school day for students. Parents can also make appointments to meet with her. Find more information on the Teen Wellness page.

Additionally, Brophy offers a Student Assistance Program meant to quickly identify a student who is struggling with his mental health and offer assistance and/or referrals.

Below are additional resources. We will also post information here as we have it on our student organization formed to spotlight and support students' mental health. The organization is now an official Active Minds chapter.

A Message from Bishop John Dolan (Part 2)

Bishop Dolan continues his message of support to families affected by suicide.