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(April Mothers’ Guild Meeting)
Note From the Outgoing 2022-23 President Dona Whitney
My dear fellow moms,

As my role comes to a close for the school year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the theme that I chose for this year – connection.

Being a part of Mothers’ Guild has given us all a wonderful opportunity to connect with each other, with the school and with our beloved sons. I want to express my gratitude and admiration to all those moms who took the time to attend our meetings and events. Your presence and participation have made a difference and have helped to strengthen our community.

As we look back at our journey, we realize that it is the memories we have made together that truly matter – the moments where we laughed, cried, overcame challenges and simply showed up for each other. These are the memories that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.
I am grateful for my time as president of the Mothers’ Guild, and for the opportunity to serve our wonderful community. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt appreciation to the amazing group of ladies who have supported me throughout this journey: Heather Miller, Heather King, Radha Pappas, Maronel Rivera and Lisa Abeln

As we prepare for the new school year, I encourage every mom to find something to show up for, whether it’s attending a meeting, volunteering for an event or simply reaching out to connect with another mom. Let us continue to strengthen our bonds of friendship and support, and make even more beautiful memories together.
With love and gratitude.

Let’s Review Our 2022-23 Mothers’ Guild Year
  • 20 volunteer opportunities, plus every school day in the Corral which adds up to over 1,550 hours
  • 10 Staff Appreciation Breakfasts
  • Seven Mothers’ Guild meetings
  • Seven hikes
  • Seven books read
  • Six L.I.F.T. meetings
  • Six senior mom events
  • Three “Let’s Get Together” events
  • Three Mass/prayer services
  • Two all-class retreats
  • One Parent Awareness event
  • One Chapel decorating and poinsettia life support
  • Total: 73!

What a year we had! It would not have been possible without our wonderful Mothers’ Guild committee chairs! We would like to continue our celebration:

New Family Welcome – Anni Foster and Ann Blue
Huge thanks to Anni and Ann for spearheading over 330 calls at the beginning of the school year which were made to the then incoming class of 2026 moms. We appreciate helping us give each of them a warm welcome to the Brophy community!
Nominating – Melissa Buckley, Linda Abele, Heather Johnson, Anne Brislin, Dona Whitney and Heather Miller
This wondership group of women worked tirelessly to reach out to the Brophy mom community to fill over 50 leadership positions for the 2023-24 Mothers’ Guild. They strategically placed moms in positions that will allow them to excel and make it a wonderful year for all!

Senior Moms – Rebecca DeBarros, Heather Haak, Emily Calihan and Mary McHenry
Many thanks to these four wonderful senior moms for organizing two social events, three senior treat days and a fabulous retreat! All the 2023 senior moms are so appreciative of their hard work for making it a year they will never forget.
Staff Appreciation – Laura Castle, Rachel Douglas, Melissa Fees, Amy Haugland and Stephanie Jauregui-Hidalgo
There is nothing we love more than showing the Brophy faculty and staff how much we appreciate all that they do for our sons. This wonderful committee planned monthly breakfasts and arrived very early each time to provide a wonderful way to say thank you!
Chapel Decorating – Rebecca DeBarros
We could not be more grateful for Rebecca who stepped in at the last minute as our resident chapel decorating expert! She was very gracious of her time and knowledge, teaching several of us how to make the Chapel even more beautiful during the Christmas season.
Holiday Staff and Teacher Appreciation – Lisa Roman, Tanya Larrain and Stacie Wittenberg
These three incredible moms took on the challenge of raising more money than ever before for the holiday gift that the Mothers’ Guild provides to each Brophy faculty and staff member. We were able to give 188 Brophy employees $150 in gift cards to enjoy during the holiday season. But that was not all! They also planned three amazing breakfasts for faculty and staff during the month of December.
A Heartfelt Thank You Goes to …
  • Thank you to Seema Tanveer, Nancy Acuna and Amy Haugland for volunteering to greet visitors and assist at the Brophy Career Fair. We appreciate your time to help make this event a success. 
  • On April 29, we gathered to celebrate the wonderful legacy of Adria Renke. Stephanie Jauregui-Hildalgo, Katherine Polachek, Lisa Shapiro, Tania Hernandez, Michelle Wilga, Mariko Akiyoshi, Michelle Bunkse, JoAnne Curry, Angela Lechter, Dorcas Guest-Nelson, Becky Farley, Keilani Burrage, Jenny Cai, Jody Trickle, Liz Dolan, Ashley Staples and Kristin Roehmer volunteered for set-up and check-in at the event. Thank you!
  • Each year, many of the Brophy students take AP exams and Brophy moms provide assistance as proctors for the entire two weeks that the exams are administered. Huge thanks to all the moms that served as a proctor! 

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Use of Photos from Events
We hope you have enjoyed all the photos we share on social media and in the eNews. If you prefer that a photo of you not be taken or not published, please email Heather Miller at
The 2022-23 Executive Board (left to right in banner photo): Radha Pappas (assistant treasurer), Maronel Rivera (events secretary), Dona Whitney (president), Heather King (treasurer), Heather Miller (first vice president) and Lisa Abeln (second vice president). Not present is Brandi Sutton (past president).

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