A reminder to our community...all Brophy-branded apparel and other items must be ordered through the Varsity Shop! Please keep in mind...
›› Brophy is a nonprofit and net revenue from the Varsity Shop supports our students' educational experience.
›› Using any business's logo without permission, including Brophy's, is a violation of logo trademark protections.
›› The Varsity Shop managers are happy to work with you to create apparel for your sons' activities if you cannot find what you want in the shop.
Please check the team parent information on this page. Thank you for your support!

We invite you to visit the Brophy Varsity Shop Online...

The Brophy Varsity Shop is located in the center of campus next to the Student Activity Center and carries all the latest in official Brophy gear. Bronco fans can find a large selection of spirit wear and other items. Additionally, the store carries products that showcase Brophy clubs and activities. P.E. uniforms, the official Brophy tie and letterman jackets are also available in the shop.


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