Arizona's Tuition Tax Credit Changes Lives!

Brophy Community Foundation is one of Arizona's oldest student tuition organizations (STO). The private tuition tax credit allows individuals and corporations to redirect a portion of their state tax obligation to Brophy Community Foundation. These funds qualify for dollar-for-dollar tax credits and become critical tuition aid for students with verified financial need.

What's the difference between contributing to the Arizona Tax Credit program through BCF and donating directly to Brophy? (Each is a separate 501(c)3 organization.)


As a state-certified student tuition organization (STO), Brophy Community Foundation (BCF) asks community members and friends, as well as corporations, to designate their Arizona state tax liability as a tax credit to BCF to fund need-verified financial aid supporting 38 mission-aligned private schools across the state. Once participants (individuals and corporations) contribute to BCF the amount allowed by Arizona law, they can then subtract that from their Arizona state tax liability. It’s a wonderful way to support need-based tuition assistance for students without ultimately costing the participant anything out of pocket.

As a private nonprofit school that receives no funding from the state or Diocese, Brophy College Preparatory conducts giving campaigns — such as the Men of ’25 and Annual Fund — as well as annual fundraising events. When you make a donation or pledge that supports a campaign or event, that donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law, but it is not linked to or affiliated with the Arizona tax credit program which regulates the Brophy Community Foundation; i.e., tax credit contributions to BCF cannot be used to support a Brophy fundraising event or fulfill a commitment to a giving campaign.

The efforts of both nonprofit organizations work together to provide need-based tuition assistance. 

Use the links below to redirect your state tax dollars and support need-verified financial aid.