Annual Tuition

Tuition for 2020-21
Tuition for the 2020-21 school year has been approved by the Brophy College Preparatory Board of Trustees and has been set at $16,400.

To register, a new-student fee of $75 and a nonrefundable deposit of $450 are required. The deposit will be credited toward your tuition balance. Registration for the new school year is in March after acceptance notifications are sent to incoming students. The registration process is completed online through the website's parent/student portal, myBrophy. (myBrophy serves as a resource for enrolled students and families. Please check myBrophy frequently for forms and information.) Families applying for financial aid must complete the registration process before a financial aid application will be considered for awards.

The financial aid process for the 2020-21 school year opened March 1, 2020. The application should be completed and all financial documents submitted to FACTS by March 31, 2020, for the applicant and his family to receive a decision letter by April 24. The financial application fee is $35. If you need a fee waiver, please contact the Admissions Office. For more information regarding financial aid, please see the "Affording Brophy" section below. For information on the payment of 2020-21 tuition and fees, consult the payment schedule below.

Information on the financial aid process for 2021-22 will be posted here later this semester. Please note that there will be a financial aid seminar for parents Dec. 8. Complete the INQUIRY FORM to make sure you receive updates.

Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule

Affording Brophy

The cost of tuition should not deter a student and his family from applying to Brophy. Once an applicant is accepted on his own merit (the admission decision is "need blind" and does not involve any financial considerations), Brophy is committed to working with each family's unique circumstances to provide need-based financial assistance. A family also may seek financial assistance from a variety of outside sources. These may include funds based on need, merit or, in the case of some School Tuition Organizations (STOs), tuition assistance may be available through tax credit funds recommended specifically for your son.

Below you can find information on Brophy's need-based financial aid program. Brophy offers need-based financial assistance (verified through FACTS Tuition Management, a service that helps assess a family’s ability to pay tuition) that includes one or more of the following Grant Programs.

  • The Grant-In-Aid Program offers a monetary award applied directly to tuition. This program includes a work component that can be fulfilled with on-campus employment or through a salary-match of net earnings from off-campus employment.
  • The MacBook Air Grant is available to an incoming freshman or transfer student who qualifies for a Grant-In-Aid equal to half or more of annual tuition. This grant includes a work component that can be fulfilled with on-campus employment or through a salary-match of net earnings from off-campus employment. For more information on the MacBook Air program, click here.
Financial aid applications are confidential and not shared outside of the Brophy Financial Aid Committee. Brophy uses FACTS to facilitate the collection and analysis of a family’s financial information so that need is verified based on a family’s total financial picture.

The deadline to apply for financial aid is April 15. Please see the documents and links on the right for more information on applying for financial aid through Brophy. Contact the Finance Office if you have any questions.