Fine Arts Department Mission Statement

Jesuit education historically has encouraged appreciation for and cultivation of the fine arts, both for their own sake and as a manifestation of the creativity present in the world which ultimately comes from God.

The Fine Arts Department at Brophy College Preparatory believes that the arts are a means of universal communication (Loving), and that our department provides students with the knowledge of various art forms so they can participate in this conversation (Intellectually Competent).

Through the arts, students hear the voices of other cultures and respond to them wholly (Committed to Doing Justice). This experience broadens their knowledge of the creator who bestows the means of communication upon them (Religious). Through these studies, students will be receptive to new expressions and opportunities in the arts (Open to Growth).

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  • Essential questions we want our students to ask...

    Open to Growth
    What are the obstacles to creativity?
    How do we challenge ourselves to move beyond?
    How do we overcome stereotypes?
    How do we find the resources for continued growth?

    Intellectually Competent
    What are the motives for creation?
    How do we manipulate any given medium?
    How do you find inspiration?

    Is there a parallel between our personal creative experience and that of God’s experience?
    Is there a personal and spiritual creative parallel?

    Committed to Doing Justice
    What is the artist’s responsibility?
    How are intrinsic values expressed?
    How can we use art for social change?

    What is the appropriate response to peer work?
    How does the artist express emotion through his work?
    Do you recognize and accept other talents?
  • Enduring understandings we want our students to take with them...

    Open to Growth
    By graduation, a student will
    • Understand and develop an appreciation of various art forms (other than their proficiency and outside of their own area of interest)
    • Exhibit a willingness to take creative risks
    • Understand that he has a voice as an artist
    • Understand that art is a vital part of life
    • Understand that he is embarking on a life-long journey of artistic exploration

    Intellectually Competent
    By graduation, a student will
    • Understand how to communicate at a basic level in the arts
    • Understand how to make informed judgments and critique various art forms
    • Understand that art addresses universal themes of human existence.
    • Understand the importance of self-critique

    By graduation, a student will
    • Understand and recognize that aesthetic beauty is from God
    • Understand that religions have given birth to a variety of art forms
    • Understand that we can worship, praise and give thanks through the arts

    By graduation, a student will
    • Understand the need to be open to, accepting and supportive of the works of his peers
    • Understand the importance of participation in the collaborative process
    • Understand the need for a non-judgmental atmosphere

    Committed to Doing Justice
    By graduation, a student will
    • Understand the importance of using his artistic voice to further social action (artistic community events)
    • Understand that the arts are for all
    • Understand that artists historically have been revolutionary, and that arts have been a voice for social change

Pete Burr '07, Department Chair

2D Art: Advanced Video Production
Mr. Burr returned to Brophy after receiving his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona. While teaching, he also continued his education, acquiring a Master of Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction with technology from Grand Canyon University. Since his days as a high school student, Mr. Burr has always been passionate about creating art to build community and challenging students to see the world differently through art. In addition to teaching, Mr. Burr heads the Fine Arts Department, serves as a freshman advisor and moderates Student Council. 
Office: Eller 331  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6439  ||

Daren Brubaker

2D Art: Drawing, Studio Art: Mixed Media
Mr. Brubaker joined the Brophy faculty in January 2018 as a part-time member of the Fine Arts Department and transitioned to full time in fall 2018. He also took over as head coach for the swim and dive program after four years as assistant coach. Mr. Brubaker has a Bachelor of Science and a Master's in secondary education from Grand Canyon University. He is also a freelance artist.

Classroom: Eller 201  || Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284 ||

Debbie Cronin

2D Art: Drawing, 2D Art: Advanced Drawing, 2D Art: Painting, AP Studio Art
Mrs. Cronin has a Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Bachelor's degree in education. She has been a member of the Brophy faculty since 1999. As a moderator of the National Arts Honor Society, Mrs. Cronin participates with students in the Memory Project which is a national effort to provide portraits to orphans in South America.
Classroom: Eller 218  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284  ||

Cooper Davis '10

2D Art: Graphic Design, 2D Art: Advanced Graphic Design
Mr. Davis received a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Arizona University where he studied history and graphic design. During his year as a member of the Alumni Service Corps, Mr. Davis developed a passion for arts education at the middle school and high school levels. Working at both Brophy and Loyola Academy, he has helped expand the curriculum for the humanities and graphic design courses at the high school and worked to create the Loyola Academy fine arts program from the ground up. Combing a passion for both digital and traditional art mediums, Mr. Davis seeks to create a dynamic and challenging classroom experience that redefines for his students what it means to be creative. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Davis coaches the mountain bike and Quidditch teams and leads a variety of outdoor-centric immersion trips around the world.

Classroom: Loyola 103  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284  ||

Jake Kelly ’09

2D Art: Photography, AP Studio Art: Photography, Photojournalism
Mr. Kelly returns to Brophy, and to the Fine Arts Department where he was such a fixture during his time here as a student. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University where he was involved in student government and was the photo editor for the Gonzaga student newspaper. Since graduating from college, Mr. Kelly has worked as a social worker, a freelance photographer and a strategic planner for the Arizona Department of Homeland Security. He is the moderator of The Roundup.

Classroom: Eller 331  || Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284 ||

Marc Kelly '87

3D Art: Ceramics, 3D Art: Advanced Ceramics, 3D Art: Sculpture, Theater Production/Stagecraft Design
Mr. Kelly continued his Jesuit education at Gonzaga University, graduating in 1991 with a degree in advertising and marketing. After teaching for eight years in the Scottsdale Public Schools, he came (back) to Brophy in 2000 and began developing the 3D aspect of the art department, creating Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Sculpture and Introduction to Fine Arts. His teaching career spans more than 20 years in a variety of educational endeavors.

As a practicing sculptor, Mr. Kelly was responsible for creating the St. Ignatius artwork on Brophy’s campus (located within the McCain Colonnade) and he has developed numerous commissioned public and private sculptural works in the Phoenix area.

Mr. Kelly was the head coach of the varsity soccer team for 11 years, capturing three 5A state championships and numerous tournament titles. He ended his career with an overall record of 243-18-3.

Classroom: Eller 110  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284  ||

Lisa McKim-Hill

Concert Band, Honors Jazz Band, Honors Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band
Mrs. McKim-Hill earned a Bachelor of Arts in music from California State University, Long Beach and a Master of Music in instrumental conducting from California State University, Sacramento. She brings many years of teaching, directing and conducting experience to Brophy's band program, as well as experience with community and professional organizations throughout California. Mrs. McKim-Hill is a professional flutist.

Classroom: Eller 310  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6284  || 

Paul Olson

Freshman Choir, Honor Chorale, Honor Choir, Orchestra, Piano and Keyboard
Mr. Olson received a Bachelor of Music from Houghton College and a Master of Music at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. He completed his coursework for a Ph.D at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and was a Devitt-Jones Scholar. He has 16 years of college/university teaching experience, most recently as director of choral activities at Grand Canyon University.

Mr. Olson has performed as a tenor soloist with symphony orchestras around the country including the Dallas Symphony, Austin Symphony, Flagstaff Symphony, Phoenix Bach Choir, Missoula Symphony and Midland-Odessa Symphony. He has been a guest conductor/clinician at several high schools, universities and choral festivals.

Classroom: Eller 121, 310  ||  Tel: 602-264-5291, ext. 6363  ||