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The 2024 Summit on Human Dignity Opens; Announces Debt-Forgiveness Initiative

Brophy's annual Summit on Human Dignity has opened, this year with a "Debt & Dignity" theme. Today's keynote speaker was Mr. Craig Antico of ForgiveCo, a pioneer in debt forgiveness. He announced the "Bronco Jubilee" initiative which will funnel proceeds from this year's Lenten Drive to debt forgiveness in Maricopa County benefiting low-income residents burdened with debts of necessity.

Every $1 donated will forgive $50 worth of debt, with the goal of raising $20,000 for debt forgiveness totaling $1 million. If Brophy reaches that goal, ForgiveCo has pledged to match it for $2 million of debt forgiveness in the county.

ForgiveCo is a public benefit corporation that has partnered with the Washington Commanders, NFL quarterback Josh Allen and others. Donate to the Lenten drive by clicking/tapping here. You can donate online or via the Venmo QR code. Thank you for your support!