2024 Summit on Human Dignity


Monday, February 26 through Thursday, March 7, 2024

This year's summit, taking place February 26 - March 7, will examine debt — across a variety of forms — and the ways that it shapes our lives and our world. Student debt, medical debt, sovereign debt of developing countries and various hidden forms of debt are often “issues behind the issue” for a range of social inequities. At the same time, predatory loans, disparities in mortgage lending and a lack of financial wellness resources often contribute to keeping people in poverty and disproportionately affect communities of color. On a more macro level, there are real questions worth exploring about the ethical dilemmas that come from living in a debt-based economy like ours. Recalling the way the Hebrews used their Jubilee as a method of ameliorating the injustices that can come from debt, and studying the ways Jesus spoke of debt and how the Church has approached surrounding issues, the Brophy community will explore the complexities of the phenomenon of debt and reflect on how we are called to respond to it in our personal, economic and community lives.

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  • > What is the Summit on Human Dignity?

    Part of the transformational experience that is Jesuit education is to start young men and women on an early path to awareness of social issues and current affairs, and to teach them how to become advocates for social justice and positive change in the world. At Brophy, the annual Summit on Human Dignity (modeled after those most often seen at colleges and universities and organized by Brophy's Office of Faith and Justice) highlights an issue or topic that is particularly relevant and informs students on its nuances, as well as its social and political ramifications.
  • > Debt & Dignity: Four Guiding Questions

    1. What is debt and why do we use it?
    2. To what extent is debt the result of individual choice vs. the result of circumstances, systems and policies beyond an individual's immediate control?
    3. Who tends to benefit and who tends to suffer from standard debt practices?
    4. What actions can we take to safeguard ourselves and, most importantly, others from unjust debt and its impact?
  • > Keynote No. 1

    First Keynote:  Craig Antico/CEO, ForgiveCo™  
    Monday, Feb. 26

    Craig Antico was a consumer debt collection agency and debt buyer executive for over thirty years. In 2011, he changed course and has been a pioneer in the debt forgiveness industry since.

    In 2014, Mr. Antico co-founded RIP Medical Debt, a 501(c)(3) that buys and abolishes medical debt. That charity has raised millions of dollars to forgive billions of dollars of debt for millions of people. More recently, Mr. Antico co-created ForgiveCo™ PBC Inc., a public benefit corporation that targets forgiveness of any debts of necessity for individuals in hardship because of debt.

    Mr. Antico was named one of Town and Country's Philanthropists of the Year in 2018.
  • > Keynote No. 2

    Second Keynote: Tillie McCoy and Pamela Roselle
    Moderated by Jennifer Kiernan – Executive Director, Saving Amy
    Thursday, Feb. 29

    Saving Amy is a local nonprofit that empowers individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness through mentoring, teaching life skills, educational advancement and financial stability through employment. Tillie McCoy and Pamela Roselle are two women who received assistance and support through Saving Amy after debt led them into financial distress and homelessness. They will be sharing their stories in a conversation moderated by Saving Amy’s founder and executive director, Jennifer Kiernan.
  • > Keynote No. 3

    Keynote Three: Braxton Brewington – National Press Secretary, The Debt Collective
    Monday, March 4

    Braxton Brewington is the national press secretary for The Debt Collective, a national debtors union fighting to cancel debts and defend millions of households. As press secretary, Mr. Brewington has been instrumental in getting the message of unjust debt practices and the importance of debt forgiveness out to diverse audiences. His work highlights the spiritual, political, cultural, racial, gender and socioeconomic intersections at which debt operates, and opens up important conversations about where we as a society can go from here.
  • > Workshop Day

    Thursday, Feb. 19

    Brophy welcomes approximately 40 presenters to offer workshops across our campus on subjects related to debt and human dignity. Our presenters work in diverse fields — from finance to the nonprofit sector, from government to advocacy, from courtrooms to auction houses — and all have unique perspectives to offer on the role that debt plays in society and people’s lives. Students will have the opportunity to sign up for three workshops of their choice, followed by a chance to debrief with their peers and to share and discuss what they learned.
  • > Activity Day

    Activity Day Presentation: Understanding Debt for Financial Literacy
    Friday, March 1

    David Bloom ‘00 – Partner / Family Wealth Strategist, TFO Family Office Partners
    Kim Llumiquinga – Family Wealth Strategist, TFO Family Office Partners

    Brophy alumnus David Bloom, along with Kim Llumiquinga, are family wealth strategists at TFO Family Office Partners, a local wealth management firm dedicated to caring for their clients as full people and not just as accounts, and to doing the right thing in all their dealings. They will be offering our students a look at the way debt works and how to be smart in approaching it. They will share practical knowledge and tools that our students can use for their own financial literacy goals, as well as to educate and help others avoid the injustices, indignities and moral hazards that can creep into our lives when we become burdened by debt.
  • > Synthesis Day

    Synthesis Day: Immersive activity and "Late-Nite Bronco" with host Ms. Ashley Doud
    Wednesday, March 6

    Students will engage in an immersive role-playing game in their team rooms before coming together in Robson Gym to synthesize our experiences of the Summit and process our understanding of the way debt affects our decisions. Ms. Ashley Doud will be hosting her class Summit program, Late Nite Bronco, to facilitate these discussions.
  • > Summit Prayer Services

    Opening Prayer Service: Monday, Feb. 26
    Closing Prayer Service: Thursday, March 7
“It is important that ethics once again play its due part in the world of finance and that markets serve the interests of peoples and the common good of humanity."
~ Pope Francis