Phoenix: Born of Ashes – Land Use

Issues/Discussion Points

☼ Rising cost of living/housing bubbles
☼ Gentrification
☼ Legacy of redlining

Land Use Track: Keynote Speakers

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  • IAN DOWDY | March 1, 2022

    Dowdy currently serves as the director of strategic data initiatives for CFA and is a certified urban planner with a diverse background. He works in the public sector, does master planning and land entitlements in the private sector, and has spent the last eight years of his career in public policy surrounding conservation and sustainable economic development in the nonprofit arena. In his previous position with the Sonoran Institute, Ian led the Sustainable Landscapes and Communities team that focused on improving the quality of life, economy and environment of Arizona's Sun Corridor megapolitan region which includes Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott.
  • YANA KUNICHOFF | March 3, 2022

    Yana is a journalist and documentary producer who covers immigration, policing, education and social movements. Currently, she is an education reporter for the Arizona Republic, a special projects editor for Migratory Notes newsletter and board president of Borderless magazine. She has produced feature-length documentaries and a pop culture web series for Scrappers Film Group; worked as a fellow with City Bureau, where she won a Sidney Hillman award for an investigation into the Chicago police union; covered race and poverty issues for the Chicago Reporter and has overseen a team of reporters at The Moscow Times. Her freelance work has appeared in The Guardian, The Atlantic, Pacific Standard and Chicago magazine among others.
  • DOUG BLAND | MARCH 7, 2022

    Bland is one of the founders of Arizona Interfaith Power & Light (AZIPL) and has served as the executive director since 2009.  AZIPL mobilizes people of faith and conscience in Arizona to reduce the causes of the climate crisis through spiritual reflection, education, advocacy and action. Besides his interest in connecting spirituality and ecology, Doug is passionate about the art of storytelling. Doug will speak about the interconnectedness of Phoenix's environmental sustainability with migration, land and gentrification issues.