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Spring Sports, Crushing It

In a spectacular display of athletic prowess, Brophy College Prep's spring sports teams have left an indelible mark on the state sports landscape, clinching multiple state championships and making headlines with their remarkable performances. From rugby to lacrosse, tennis to volleyball, the Broncos have soared to new heights, showcasing their talent and determination on the field, court, and track.

Rugby Dominance: Clinches State Championship
Brophy's rugby team has solidified its dominance by clinching yet another state championship. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and unwavering teamwork have propelled them to the top.

Lacrosse Luminaries: A Three-Peat Triumph
The lacrosse team has soared to unprecedented heights, securing the No. 4 spot in the May 2024 USA Lacrosse Magazine West Region rankings. Their stellar performance, highlighted by a three-peat, culminated in their third consecutive state title, a testament to their skill, dedication, and relentless pursuit of victory.

Volleyball Victors: State Championship Glory
The volleyball team's ascent has been nothing short of spectacular, as they clinched the 2024 AIA 6A Conference State Championship. Their outstanding performance has earned them a season-high No. 8 ranking by the American Volleyball Coaches Association.

Tennis Titans: Undefeated Season and State Title
Brophy's tennis program has reigned supreme, with senior Kentaro Akiyoshi and junior Ryan Zerbib named the AIA Division I Doubles Players of the Year. Under the guidance of Head Coach Chris Campbell '84, the Broncos achieved an undefeated season and clinched the Division I State title, further cementing their legacy as champions.

Memorable Moments in Baseball and Track
While the baseball team's journey ended with a heartbreak loss in the state semifinals, they captivated audiences with their remarkable season, showcasing grit and determination until the very end. Similarly, the track and field team competed admirably at the state level, demonstrating their talent and resilience on the track. Track and field  finished in fifth place in the AIA Division I meet and 10th in the state in the AIA Open State Championships.

Rowing Royalty: Ian O’Riley's Unstoppable Victory
In a display of individual excellence, senior Harvard commit Ian O’Riley left spectators in awe with his remarkable win at the USRowing Southwest Regional Championships single event. His staggering victory, secured by open water with an unbelievable 20-second lead, serves as a testament to his skill, determination, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

As the spring sports season draws to a close, Brophy College Prep stands tall as a beacon of athletic excellence, with its teams leaving an indelible mark on the state sports landscape. With a legacy of triumph and a commitment to excellence, the Broncos have once again proven that they are truly "Crushing It" in every sense of the phrase.