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Rites of Passage

Traditionally, rites of passage ceremonies mark transitional milestones in a person’s life… birth, coming of age, marriage, death… typically involving ritual activities and teachings designed to prepare individuals for their transformation.

Brophy’s Office of Equity & Inclusion, representing the Black Student Union and Black Family Alliance, recently orchestrated such a ceremony for graduates. Additionally, they facilitated a series of workshops for seniors, guiding them to reflect on their Brophy experiences, visualize their futures, recognize their societal contributions, and foster mutual affirmation and empowerment.

The Brophy BSU Rites of Passage spanned five workshop days. Rooted in the principles of the Profile of the Jesuit High School Graduate at Graduation, each session encapsulated the following ideals:

  • Openness to Growth
  • Intellectual Competence
  • Religious Devotion
  • Love
  • Commitment to Justice
“The Rites of Passage program was an inspiring and bonding experience. The greatest takeaway was seeing the variety of talents these graduating seniors have to offer, all the gifts they presented.” - Deena Sellers, Director, OEI