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Bremer Kaprosy ‘25

Brophy Rocketry Club Soars

In a remarkable display of ingenuity and determination, the Brophy Rocketry Club recently made headlines with the launch of their colossal rocket, Bronc, marking a significant milestone in their pursuit of aerospace excellence.

The launch, which took place in Aguila, a small town near Wickenburg, Ariz., was part of the April Tripoli Phoenix rocket launch event. Tripoli, a national rocketry organization, provided the platform for the ambitious endeavor, with guidance from parent mentor Jonathan Cowles.

Bronc, standing at an impressive 11 1/2 feet tall and boasting a diameter of over a foot, soared skyward to an approximate altitude of 1,400 feet. However, the mission encountered a setback as the flight computer, responsible for recording altitude and deploying the parachute, malfunctioned mid-flight, rendering the data unrecoverable.

Despite this hiccup, the launch served as a validation of the club's design approach for future large rockets. Powered by an L-Class rocket motor, which packs over 4000 times the punch of the A-Class motors commonly used in model rockets, Bronc showcased the club's prowess in high-power rocketry.

What sets the Brophy Rocketry Club apart is not just their impressive launches, but their commitment to education and certification. With the most High Power Rocketry certifications of any high school worldwide, Brophy students demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of rocketry principles through the design, construction, and launch of high-power rockets.

"I am extremely proud that Brophy has allowed the rocketry club to become one of the largest rocketry clubs in the Southwest, with over 35 active members," remarked Bremer Kaprosky '25, President of the Rocketry Club.

Looking ahead, the club has ambitious plans for the future. Among them, pioneering the launch of a liquid fuel rocket engine! With 19 certifications earned this year alone, the club's track record speaks volumes about their dedication to excellence and their passion for exploration. As they set their sights on new horizons, one thing is certain – the sky is not the limit for the Brophy Rocketry Club.

Photography: Bremer Kaprosy ‘25