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Get to Know: Baseball's #14 Matt Niezgodzki

Matt Niezgodzki is a four-year player in the program who is undecided about his college choice. He is hitting .304 with two doubles, a triple, and 10 home runs. His brother, Mike, graduated in 2018 and now works for Kansas Athletics. He loves the ocean after spending family summer trips in Newport Beach.
How is the team feeling heading into region play?
“We are feeling pretty good and have high spirits. With our pitching this week, we can take care of business.”
How are you feeling at the plate?
“The fall was rough for me. I feel relieved after how I have been playing lately and the hard work I have been putting in.”
What is your favorite aspect of playing for Brophy baseball?
“My teammates, meeting all my friends, and the fun times we have shared.”
How long were you a competitive swimmer?
“I did it from fourth until eighth grade. My brother swam at TCU, and my sister was a competitive swimmer. I have always played baseball. I could have swam here at Brophy but decided to focus on baseball.”
Do you have a favorite career moment?
“My favorite moment was a game against Mesa Mountain View, where I robbed a ball over the fence and brought it back in. As a team, it was coming back after the Queen Creek loss and defeating Boulder Creek.”
What is your biggest impact on the team?
“I try to be fundamental and do what I can to help the team.”
What is the team looking forward to about the Las Vegas trip?
“It will be interesting to spend time together. The tournament will be a test playing tough competition every day.” 

Who is your Favorite Artist? Dom Dalla
What would be your walk-up song? Award Tour by A Tribe Called Quest
Favorite baseball player: Paul Konerko
What’s your favorite dinner: Steak
What teacher has inspired you the most: Mr. Hunthausen
Who is your hero: My Brother, Mike
What would the title of your biography be? Matt’s Life
What actor would play you in your biopic: 
John John Florence
How would you use a time machine: Go back to watch Lute Olsen win a championship at U of A
Fun fact or talent: I was a competitive swimmer 

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