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Get to Know: Lacrosse's #23 Noah Burdick

Noah Burdick has received numerous honors, including two-time Arizona Lacrosse first-team all-state accolades, 2022 second-team all-state honors, and Nike All-America honors. As a freshman, he was the first player in Arizona’s history to earn first-team all-state honors. He is playing lacrosse at Hofstra next fall. 
How is your senior season going?
“My senior season is going pretty well. We played a lot of games. I am trying to stay healthy throughout the season. I have been pleased with how the team has played despite the recent losses.”
What did you take away from the Nike Jesuit Classic?
‘We learned two things for the second half of the season. One is that the little things matter. We were doing the big things right, but the little mistakes we were making were adding up during the game. We also learned that we need to be more of a team. Those kids were organized two hours before and wanted to play for each other. We need to grow as a team. Our goal is to improve, but we should hang out more and do team activities.”
What are you most excited about playing at Hofstra?
“I am most excited to play at the Division I level with my best friend Charlie. We have grown up together for the last ten years. It is a pretty cool experience to go to college together.”
What has been your favorite Brophy Lacrosse moment?
“My favorite moment was our first trip to Vegas during my freshman year. It was a cool experience. Our bus broke down, and we faced adversities. We came together as a team and sang karaoke on the bus. We made the most of every moment.”
What will it take for the team to compete for a third state title?
‘I think what it will take is handling the day-by-day routine. When we focus on the big picture, we overlook the small things. For us, the small things matter. Coach Pat has a good game plan every day.”
What has been your biggest lesson learned from Coach Harbeson?
Do everything at 100 percent, whether doing homework, helping your friends, or doing chores. It is vital to do everything to the best of your ability.”

Who is your Favorite Artist? Luke Combs
What would be your walk-up song? Can’t Hold This by Macklemore
What’s your favorite dinner: Salmon and rice with soy sauce
What teacher has inspired you the most: Ms. Turby
Who is your hero: 
My Mom
What would the title of your biography be? Life Story of Noah
What actor would play you in a movie about your life? 
Tom Cruise
How would you use a time machine? 
Go back in time to when lacrosse was invented
Fun fact or talent: I am 25 percent Japanese

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