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Get to Know: Lacrosse's #22 Erik Volfson

Get to Know: #22 Erik Volfson
Erik Volfson is a four-year varsity player committed to playing at Lafayette University. On March 5, he was named the USA Lacrosse West Region Player of the Week. He has played lacrosse since the third grade.
What do you enjoy about playing for Brophy Lacrosse?
“I love the brotherhood. These are people you will have in your life and people you can rely on. I have made my closest friends playing lacrosse. It means a lot to me.”
What have the two state championships meant to you?
“It is a testament to the work we have put in. We came short our freshman year. Building off the seniors and past programs, it was nice to get that break through finally. To continue last year, hopefully, we can continue this year.”
It has been an exciting week for the program to get a regional ranking and Player of the Week. What does it mean to you and the program to get the recognition?
“Again, it is a testament to our work. We have a hard-working team and skilled players, but you must put time and effort into getting extra reps. It is great to get some recognition. We have some tough opponents coming up.”
Why did you choose Layafette?
“I visited in early November, and they were super welcoming. They wanted to converse with me; it is a great academic school. It can set up my future tremendously. I met with Coach Pat Myers, who told me they wanted me. It felt great to be appreciated and wanted. I have the best connection and feel the most at home there.”
What are you looking forward to about the Nike Jesuit Classic?
“Out-of-state competition is always going to be a challenging game. All the teams have great players. It will be a test to see how good we are. We need to play our game.”

Who is your Favorite Artist? Macklemore
What would be your walk-up song? Can’t Hold This by Macklemore
What’s your favorite dinner: Sushi
What teacher has inspired you the most: Mrs. Toschner
Who is your hero: 
My Dad.
What would the title of your biography be? Rolling Through the Ups and Downs
What actor would play you in a movie about your life? 
Leonardo Decaprio
How would you use a time machine? Would not use it
Fun fact or talent: I have skied since I was four years old

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