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Student Climate Coalition Continues to Increase Sustainability Efforts at Brophy

The Student Climate Coalition recently reported on their most recent successes as the organization continues to increase sustainability efforts at Brophy. A report presented by SCC member Sam Skrovan ’24 included the following updates.

  • Through various food waste audits, the SCC has been monitoring the efficacy of Brophy's food waste system since the initiation of the school's partnership with a new food service provider. The school provides bins for compostable waste, recyclable waste and landfill waste. The SCC reports that waste contamination remains below 10%, which meets the school's goal for sub-10% contamination. Additionally, Brophy is currently under consideration for a grant, which, if secured, will fully fund the purchase and installation of cardboard and aluminum balers to help Brophy improve the efficiency of its recycling system. 
  • Brophy's dedication to environmental stewardship has not gone unheard in local, state or federal government. The SCC has actively engaged with legislators, as well as advocacy groups, to highlight Brophy's commitment to care for our common home and encourage others to focus on sustainability, as well. Most recently the SCC participated in Environmental Day at the State legislature and was recognized on the floor by Senator Christine Marsh. 
  • The production of clothing uses a huge amount of water; with this in mind, the SCC and the Varsity Shop debuted the JV Shop (Just Vintage) with community members encouraged to donate gently used Brophy gear to sell for $5 per item. Sam reports that in just two drives, we have saved a whopping 122,850 gallons of water and raised $945 for charity. A bonus is that students were able to buy Brophy spirit wear at a much-reduced price.
  • Additionally, the SCC is actively pursuing opportunities to create a culture of sustainably conscious students. One piece of that effort is the initiative to install completely renewably powered EV chargers.
  • The first major sustainability initiative was Brophy's solar project and the SCC reported on its success via the accompanying graphic.

Sam comments, "If this seems like a lot of great stuff…IT IS! These achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of Brophy's students, parents, teachers and administrators. None of it would have been possible without the unwavering support of a community that shares the common goal of upholding and preserving the dignity and sanctity of others and the environment. We are grateful for your continued support and encouragement as we strive to make a meaningful impact on our environment."

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