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U19 Rugby Wins Season Opener

Despite trailing 24-5 at the half, the Brophy U19 team rallied for a 33-31 win over Tempe in the season opener at Westside Sports Complex. Eddie Martinez-Estrada was named the Man of the Match in his first career appearance with the Broncos.

Brophy's tackling was much improved in the second half and a turnover allowed Brophy to spin it to Martinez Estrada for a 40 m try. Carter Weyrauch converted to cut the deficit to 24-12. Brophy responded with another turnover and spun the ball to Martinez Estrada again for the same result a 60 m try and a new game at 24-19.
Tempe took note and responded with their large pack and ground Brophy down. Ultimately relinquishing a 25 m try w conversion (31-19). Brophy responded with crushing tackles and got the ball out to Brandon Thompson Bueno for a 50 m explosive try scored in the left corner. Weyrauch converted a tough angle to bring the score to 31-26 Tempe. The game saw strong defense both ways for the next five minutes. Before Brophy got something going on several phases to both sides of the field with a quick pick by Evan Brady. He was able to run 40 m up the left side for a try and conversion by Weyrauch (31-33) 

Brophy started very slow as Tempe jumped out to a three-try one-conversion lead within 10 minutes. (17-0) The scoring for Brophy opened up with a 55 m run from Race Bates.

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