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Brophy's Veterans Heritage Project Hears from Army Captain and Air Force Colonel

Brophy's Veterans Heritage Project recently welcomed Army Captain Frank Lambert, a 1964 West Point graduate, and Air Force Colonel Richard Toliver, a former fighter pilot, to campus.

Col. Toliver served for 26 years, flying 446 combat missions in Southeast Asia. He earned the Legion of Merit, among other citations, and is a protégé of the famed Tuskegee Airmen. Capt. Lambert is a recipient of the Silver Star and other medals. Members of the VHP were grateful for the opportunity to hear about their experiences as men for others defending our country.

This is the third year for Brophy's chapter of the Veterans Heritage Project. The chapter is affiliated with the national Veterans Heritage Project organization and was begun by Iain Lanphier ’24 and moderator Scott Middlemist. Mr. Middlemist handed over his duties to Ms. Shelby Stringer after the 2022-23 school year.

Brophy's VHP president, Lanphier, said that the organization meets a few times each month but that most of the work is done outside of school. Each member commits to setting up an interview with a veteran, conducting an interview and recording the event, and then writing the veteran's story to be published by the Library of Congress. He says that the mission of VHP is to connect students with living history, preserve the stories of veterans and create future leaders. Lanphier notes, "This year we would like to do even more as far as hosting speakers and participating in community events."