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Immersion Trips Provide Transformative Experiences in the Jesuit Tradition

In Jesuit education, even with the end of the school year, education continues. Some of Brophy's longest, most challenging, and possibly, most transformational immersion trips happen during the summer. Currently, students are in Peru and El Salvador; a group has just returned from Appalachia, another group is wrapping up a trip to Montana and the Flathead Indian Reservation and, regionally, students have also recently returned from the Navajo reservation.

The Peru immersion is Brophy's longest, with students spending almost four weeks in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco and the countryside. They work among the neediest in these communities, experiencing a different culture and being the men for and with others their Jesuit education teaches them to be. Follow the blog here.

The El Salvador immersion, which began in 2004, takes students to the home of St. Óscar Romero who was assassinated in 1980 because of his outspoken opposition to social injustice and the violence on both sides of the civil war that was wracking his country. In 2018, he was canonized by Pope Francis. 

The students meet with government leaders and also spend time in the countryside living and working with El Salvador's most impoverished citizens. Follow them via their blog.

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