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Aston Highlights Track and Field Banquet Award Winners

Senior Strider Aston was named the Mickey Ryan Most Valuable Athlete at the Brophy Track and Field banquet. He joined the individual MVP winners including Most Valuable Field Athlete senior Brennen McHenry, Willie Jones Most Valuable Sprinter junior Luca Cannizzo, and Michael P. Keahon Most Valuable Distance Runner Zach Loiselle.

Three student-athletes were distinguished as the Most Improved Athletes: Darius Alberty, Ryan De Koning, and Jordan Knight. Jack Kyle was the Most Inspirational Athlete and the team captains were recognized. 

Rylan Umphrey and Brendan Luke were named the Most Outstanding Freshman.

The Broncos finished the inaugural AIA Open Track and Field Championships in seventh with 21 points.

Most Outstanding Freshman Athletes
Rylan Umphrey
Brendan Luke

Most Improved Athletes 
Darius Alberty
Ryan De Koning
Jordan Knight

Most Inspirational Athlete 
Jack Kyle

Team Captains
Scott Root, Jordan Knight, Brennen McHenry, Marco Smith (Sprints)
Strider Aston/Kharlo Sandez (Throws)
Zach Loiselle (Distance)

Most Valuable Field Event Athlete
Brennen McHenry

Willie Jones / Most Valuable Sprinter 
Luca Cannizzo

Michael P. Keahon/ Most Valuable Distance Runner 
Zach Loiselle

Mickey Ryan / Most Valuable Athlete
Strider Aston