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2023 Brophy College Prep Baseball Awards

The 2023 Brophy College Prep baseball awards were highlighted by the Adam Donnenfield Most Valuable Player Lucas Franz.  The other award winners included junior Jack Meissner with the Commitment Award, senior JR Craig with the Discipline Award, and senior Matt Maledon was chosen for the Men for Others Award Best Teammate. Junior Carson Borges was chosen for the Coaches Award. 

"Commitment Award" - This award will be given to the most improved player. This individual made an impact throughout the year because of his consistency to improve his game on a daily basis. This individual approached every day with the intent to get better so the team could get better. He stayed COMMITTED to the process of daily improvement throughout the year. 
Jack Meissner

"Discipline Award" - this award will be given to the player who displayed discipline on a daily basis. He disciplined himself so others didn't have to. This player stays on task when coaches aren't watching. He also holds others accountable when coaches aren't around. This player is a model for the behavior acceptable in the Brophy Baseball Program. 
JT Craig

"Men for Others Award" - This award will be given to the best teammate. The player who constantly showed he cared more about the team than himself. This individual is selfless, he celebrates his teammate's accomplishments more than his own. Whether this individual was in the game or not, he always wanted to see his teammates succeed. If we won and he was 0-3 he was excited about the win; if we lost and he was 3-3 he was upset about the loss. 
Matthew Maledon

"Adam Donnenfield Award" - This award will be given to the player who is not necessarily the best player on the team, but the best player FOR the team. This player is the heart and soul of the team. A leader; is someone who encourages, inspires, and empowers others. Someone who lives the values of the baseball program every day. 
Lucas Franz

“Coaches Award” - A player who served as a 5th coach, a leader, a positive role model and someone who all the coaches are just thankful that he is in the program. 
Carson Borges