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Wagy to Take over as Head Coach of Brophy Archery

Scott Wagy has been named the head coach of the Brophy Archery program, Athletic Director Josh Garcia ‘07 announced. He replaces Lisa Fischer who will continue with the program as the Mental Management Coach focusing on the team’s mental preparation.

Coach Scott Wagy has been with Brophy’s archery team since its inception, initially serving as the senior technical coach for Brophy and Xavier.  He is a Level 4 USA Archery Coach and has been coaching and teaching archery since 2015.  Scott began his journey into archery after stumbling upon a longbow in a neighbor’s garage when he was eleven.  Early on he was a bowhunter and bow fisherman.  This led to competing in 3D and indoors with traditional longbows and barebow recurve.  The competition quickly gave way to learning the craft of archery, the shooting process, and coaching.  
“He is a natural when it comes to working with students and they tend to gravitate towards him,” said Lisa Fischer.  “He is truly an athlete’s coach and a student’s teacher.  Scott is the coach who quietly works behind the scenes, always giving the archers the spotlight to shine.  He has been instrumental in the Brophy archery program’s consecutive state championship wins.  I am confident that with Scott as the head coach, archery at Brophy will soar to greater heights.”
The program recently won its third consecutive state championship at the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) State finals.
Coach Wagy has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from West Virginia University.  Professionally, Scott was an English teacher and a university administrator working with international students.  He has lived and worked in several countries, and he has traveled extensively.  Scott is also an avid flyfisherman.  He has lived in Phoenix for over 20 years with his wife and two sons.