Economics Class Designs Affordable, Sustainable Neighborhoods

Throughout our country and, recently, even more so in Phoenix, there is a lack of affordable and sustainable neighborhoods. For Mr. Jim Welty's economics class, the challenge presented to students was to design, build and financially test a fictional neighborhood that would guarantee both affordable housing and environmental sustainability. The winners of the 2023 UrbanPlan Project competition were the Blak Rok development team and the Spartan development team. All teams presented their final models to a mock city council made up of professionals with the Urban Land Institute.

Spartan Team
Carter Chase '24
Tyler Dersam '24
Luke Gibson '24
Michael Motola '24
Nikhil Panzarella '24
Jake Shores '24
ULI judges/mentors:
Hayley Freestone
Tony Garvey
Brad Grannis
Benjamin Hernandez
Kean Thomas '12
Max Sommacampagna

Blak Rok Team
Grant Dubberly '24
Jake Smith '24
Marco Smith '24
Joseph Slankas '24
Bill Wickers '24
ULI judges/mentors:
John Flint
Michelle Grossman
Tom Johnston
David Newcombe
Collin Weisenburger '10