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Underclassmen Recognized for Exceptional Leadership and Ignatian Growth

Although the main focus at the annual Awards Assembly is honoring members of the senior class as they prepare to graduate, an important component of the event is having the underclassmen witness the journeys that the seniors have taken on their way to becoming the Jesuit-educated graduate at graduation: intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice.

As part of bearing witness, Brophy recognizes those underclassmen who stand out as having already experienced some of the transformational aspects of a Jesuit education. The following underclassmen were recognized at the Awards Assembly on April 29. 

Intellectually Competent
FreshmanYiyi Sun
SophomoresTimothy Jiang
Henry Ponce
JuniorsNathan Cai
Nate George
Shaan Keole

Open to Growth
FreshmanDavid Lopez Ontiveros
SophomoresRonin Patel
Bremer Kaprosy
JuniorsDevin Kennedy
Ian Lamphier
Trey Markham
Ben Smith

FreshmanJ.D. Hester
SophomoresDione Pahilan
Zakariya Tamveer
JuniorsZeid Arekat
Hesed Coctecon-Cruz
Marco Smith

FreshmanBryan Barnwell
SophomoresAnderson Kopp
Diego Moreno
JuniorsNick Carter
Connor Furey
Hayden Penn

Committed to Doing Justice
FreshmanJude Keane
SophomoresNiko Gonzalez
Finnegan Klocke
JuniorsAlec Bansal
Jake Krotonsky
M.J. Pidgeon

AMDG Award
FreshmanHayden Short
SophomoresJosé Luis Avila
Santiago Sanchez
JuniorsRace Bates
Doer He
Juan Pablo Suarez Woolcott