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Get to Know: Volleyball's #11 Colin Zimmerman

Colin Zimmerman is in his second season playing Brophy volleyball. He played both JV and varsity last season. He enjoys reading and playing with his neighbor’s kids in his free time. He plays for Arizona Fear in the offseason. He has two older sisters, who both attended Sunnyslope including assistant coach Anna. He is the head of communications for the Red and White club. 
What did you learn from your first year that is helping you on the varsity team this year?
“I learned how to see the game from the sidelines and learn from what is going on. It has helped me develop as a player and a teammate to help other people.”
Have you always been a setter?
“Originally, I played libero for a couple of years when I was 12 or 13.”
What do you enjoy most about playing setter and being the captain of the offense?
“I like putting people in the best position for the team. It is a way for me to help people do their best.”
What is the challenge of filling in for Patrick right now?
“I have big shoes to fill. Patrick is a great player. It is mostly about keeping the team the same. With a different setter, we need to keep the mentality the same. The end goal will remain the same: winning state.”
What did the team learn from the opportunity to play at the Wolf Howl last week?
“The biggest thing we took away was seeing teams and knowing what they are like. It will help us see how we can adjust against those teams later in the season.”
Your Dad was a basketball coach at Brophy. What are your earliest memories of being on campus and in the gym?
“I have grown up around here. My cousin graduated in 2017. He would bring me to home basketball games and we would sit in the student section. I grew up in this gym. It is a dream to wear the Brophy uniform. I have wanted this for my whole life. It is great to be able to finally contribute to Brophy in athletics.”
What are your goals for the season?
“The No. 1 goal is to win state. We want to grow closer as a team and develop those relationships in the process.”

If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie, where would you live: Harry Potter.
What animal best represents you: Lion.
What is your greatest achievement(s): Relationships I have developed at Brophy.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: 
What teacher has inspired you the most: Mr.Schmidbauer.
What is your favorite holiday: Christmas.
If you won the lottery, what would you buy: My parents a house. 
What’s your favorite dinner: Cheeseburger and fries. 
Name the celebrity you would like to meet: 
Brad Pitt.
Who is your hero: 
My Dad.
What is on your Bucket List: Traveling to South America.