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Get to Know: #8 Teddy Churchill

Teddy Churchill is in his third season on the Brophy varsity team and fourth year overall in the program. He is undecided on his college choice and major but looking forward to the decisions ahead. He has one younger sister, Lucy, who attends Xavier. He is involved with Map Club and the Family to Family Foundation, and he attended the El Salvador Immersion trip last summer.
What are your goals for the season?
“The main goal is to win the state championship. It is pretty basic, but I feel like it is really achievable this year.”
The team had a great start at the Wolf Howl Invitational this past weekend. Tell us about the team’s success and your all-tournament selection.
“We are a very loud, competitive team. Being named to the all-tournament team is a fickle thing. Volleyball is a very team-oriented sport, and it is hard to name one player higher than the rest. I feel like we did very well this weekend especially for not having our starting setter. A lot of the guys on the team rose up to the occasion.”
Why do you wear No. 8?
“Last year a senior named Ben McDonald wore No. 8 and I wanted to carry on the legacy. And it is a cool-looking number!”
How do you best help the team on the court?
“I feel like I am a very cool-headed player and do not lose my head. If I do, it is very understated. I bring the underlying calm to the team. I try to be the one to control and gather up everybody.”
What are the origins of your name “Teddy”?
“My dad goes by Ted, so when I was born, it was Ted Jr. My birth name is Edward. We went with Teddy to carry on my Dad’s name. I am actually the fourth Edward Churchill.”
Your grandmother is the President of the school. How have you enjoyed sharing the Brophy experience with her?
“It is very different. I love my grandma. She is the best. It is hard going through high school with that as an overlying shadow. But I feel I have reached a level of individualism that separates me from my grandma and the legacy she is leaving behind. It is good to have a family member as one of the faculty/staff.”
What will you remember from the El Salvador Immersion experience?
“It was a great experience. The underlying message of the trip was that nobody is lesser and everyone is equal in value. It was really showcased, and we got to see firsthand that wealth does not determine somebody’s value.”

If you could live in a book, TV show, or movie, where would you live: Harry Potter.
What animal best represents you: Panther. 
What is your greatest achievement(s): Yet to come.
If you could time travel, would you go to the past or the future: 
What teacher has inspired you the most: Mr. Vergara.
What is your favorite holiday: Halloween.
If you won the lottery, what would you buy: House on the Italian countryside.
What’s your favorite dinner: 
Steak and potatoes. 
Name the celebrity you would like to meet: Pharrell Williams.
Who is your hero: 
Pharrell Williams.
What is on your Bucket List: See an active volcano.