Band and Choir Students Support the Community, Win Accolades

PHOENIX – Students in Brophy's Instrumental Ensembles Program and Choir Program, under the direction of Dr. Johnathan Robinson and Ms. Teresa Murphy, repectively, have been busy participating in community events, as well as being recognized for their talents.

In October, Dr. Robinson learned that a number of his students had been selected for a February performance in the University of San Diego's National Catholic Honor Band. The following students and Dr. Robinson departed Friday, Feb. 10, for San Diego. Students participating were Brian Hernandez '23, Max Millstine '25, Spencer Millstine '25, Tristan Oudman '25, Yorick Lazcano Ramirez '23, Hayden Short '26, Henry Wagy '24 and Curry Wilga '24. (Photo)

This spring Henry Ponce '25 and Michael Erickson '26 were chosen to perform with the North Central Regional Orchestra and Spencer Millstine was selected for the North Central Regional Band.

Student musicians are frequent contributors to school and community events. The Jazz Band played at the recent Catholic Schools Week Rally downtown and at February's Power Breakfast event on campus. The Honor Chorale opens most of our special events with the National Anthem.

Additionally, Aidan Hyde '25 and Bennett McDonald '24, earned spots in the North Central Regional Choir. The regional festival was Feb. 18 for both band and choir. Brophy's choir program is under the direction of Ms. Teresa Murphy.

Mark your calendar for the Spring Band Concert on Wednesday, March 8, at 7 p.m., and the Spring Choir Concert on Thursday, April 7, at 7 p.m.