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Students Supply Shoes to Youths in Need

As part of its Ignatian Service Program, Brophy partners with many nonprofits, including Saving Amy. Saving Amy is a local effort that provides community and resources to families transitioning from unhoused situations, and Brophy students often serve as tutors and mentors for children in the program.

Jennifer Kiernan, Saving Amy founder and executive director, notes that Brophy students often go above and beyond the service hours that are required of them. Two of the juniors who have taken supporting Saving Amy families to a new level are Alec Bansal and Jake Krotonsky. Alec and Jake first gave shoes to people living on the streets as part of an effort they called Soles2Souls. After tutoring children at Saving Amy, they asked permission to give them new shoes. This led to another request: Could they provide shoes to all the Saving Amy children starting school this year?

Kiernan comments, "Alec and Jake scoured the market to make sure they were shoes the kids would feel good about wearing. They took photos and made spreadsheets and ultimately provided shoes for 36 children. For families unable to come and pick them up, they delivered them." Kiernan added, "I know this effort wiped out their account balance but they refused to take any money from us."

Thank you Alec and Jake for being men for others. For more information on Brophy's service programs, visit the Faith and Justice section of our website.

Photo: Jake and Alec, courtesy of Saving Amy

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