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Article Shines a Light on High School Athletic Trainers and Sports Medicine

A recent article in the Arizona Republic focused on athletic trainers in high schools and their importance to both critical health situations and general holistic health. The article talked to long-time Brophy athletic trainer and faculty member, Chris White, who noted that Brophy's program not only seeks to provide rehabilitation and recovery resources, but also provides integrated care that includes fitness and nutrition.

Although the AIA does not require athletic trainers (it is out of their jurisdiction), in the article an AIA representative noted the importance of having that resource. Brophy maintains a three-person athletic training staff: Mr. White who, because of his teaching schedule, now performs AT duties part-time, head athletic trainer Danelle Wade and athletic trainer Cameron Brannan.

Brophy also offers students a sports medicine curriculum. Brophy students can choose a one-semester sports medicine class for a beginning look at sports injury management. Students develop clinical competencies, study musculoskeletal anatomy and pathology, and learn the basics of concussion management, heat-related illness prevention and treatment, and body composition assessment. Students may take the class multiple times, progressing through four levels of knowledge and skill. Many sports medicine students have gone on to pursue careers in the field. White notes a former student who now works for the New England Patriots.

Brophy's Strittmatter Center for Sports Medicine includes a classroom, a large treatment area with therapeutic modalities, rehabilitation equipment, a hydrotherapy room with a temperature-controlled in-ground plunge pool, a BOD POD air displacement plethysmography machine for body composition assessment and an Antomage Table. (In 2019, Brophy was one of the first high schools in the country to acquire an Anatomage Table — a 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection tool for physiology and anatomy education.) White, Wade and Brannan, all licensed athletic trainers, staff the center.

Readers can find a copy of the article here.

Photo: Prospective students check out the Antomage Table in the Strittmatter Center for Sports Medicine during last year's open house.