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Brophy Archery to Launch Barebow Program 

The two-time state champion Brophy College Preparatory archery team will launch a barebow program this fall in addition to continuing its National Archery in the Schools (NASP) program.  

“This is a natural progression for the advanced archers on the team who want to deepen their archery development,” said head coach Lisa Fischer. 

Barebow archery is rapidly gaining in popularity. The barebow division was added to the indoor circuit in the world archery games in 2020. Barebows are already a part of collegiate archery and in USA Archery competitions.  

Barebows are recurve bows without the sights, stabilizers and clickers. They are considered the most challenging, and yet the most relaxed and fun part of archery. The program will be a good fit for the Brophy archery team which already has a culture of being both relaxed and focused; the attributes that enabled them to win many top podium spots. 

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