Sports Overview

2022 Brophy Archery Season Highlights   

  • Brophy won the 2022 Arizona Archery in the Schools State Championships for the second year in a row. The Broncos won the Bullseye event with a team score of 3,217.  
  • Enzo Reboton ’22 placed second overall with his score of 285/300 and recorded 19 tens.
  • Brophy won the 3D event with a team-best score of 1,640. Gavin Sichewski ’23 placed second with his score of 283/300 and 21 tens.
  • Brophy placed sixth in the 3D division out of 28 participating championship schools from other states at the 2022 NASP Western Nationals. The team recorded the best score of 3,234 in the Bullseye division. Luc Beninato ’24 placed fourth on the podium out of 555 total participating archers with a score of 288/300, while recording 19 tens.
  • At the January Qualifier Bullseye event, Gavin Sichewski ’23 placed first overall with his score of 289/300 with 19 tens. Luc Beninato ’24 placed 2nd with his score of 288/300 and 21 tens.
  • At the State Qualifier Bullseye event, Enzo Reboton ’22 placed first with his score of 289/300 and 20 tens. Ash Patriquin ’24 placed third with his score of 276/300 and 13 tens. In the 3D event, Ash Patriquin ’24 placed first with his score of 282/300 and 18 tens and Enzo Reboton ’22 placed third with his score of 275/300 and 12 tens.
  • Ash Patriquin ’24 took the Bronze medal in the Men's U18 Barebow division at the USA    Archery Arizona Cup tournament.