AMDG 2020 Campaign Created in Response to COVID-19 Gains Wide Use

Jesuits West Province included Brophy's AMDG 2020 Campaign in a news article on their website recently. Other Jesuit high schools across the country also incorporated the campaign into their COVID-19 response effort. Brophy recognized early on that the virus could only be effectively stalled if every member of the community committed to awareness of hand hygiene and  COVID-19 symptoms, wearing masks, maintaining distance in public and recognizing it is our job to do so for each other and the greater good; thus, AMDG 2020 was born. AMDG is a centuries-old Jesuit motto that stands for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam — for the greater glory of God. "With a resourcefulness, we believe St. Ignatius would have admired, we requisitioned those letters in our effort to promote awareness, masks, distancing and the greater good — all for the greater glory of God," states Principal Bob Ryan.

Parents were asked to sign an AMDG 2020 Partnership Pledge, agreeing to heed the message of AMDG 2020 so that we can sustain in-person classes and more effectively continue the work steeped in our Jesuit principles that call us to do all that we do for the greater glory of God.