Brophy Updates Athletic Return Policy: Likely to Miss Football Season

On July 27, parents and students were notified that Brophy would reopen school Aug. 17 in a distance learning environment, with a target date of Sept. 8 for transitioning to on-campus classes in a hybrid learning environment. That announcement included the decision to remain in Phase 1 of the return to athletic activity, making it unlikely that the Broncos will be able to compete in the AIA fall football schedule.

Head football coach Jason Jewell and Athletic Director Josh Garcia met with students and parents from the football program the morning it was announced. Brophy is hopeful that other fall sports can continue. The nature of sports like golf, cross country and swimming, with smaller numbers and a different practice structure, make them a lower risk for the spread of COVID-19.

Brophy continues to closely adhere to guidelines from the health and science communities, and the advice of the school's medical advisory panel.

Photo of Brophy vs. Alhambra (2019) by Bruce Yeung Photography