Mica Mulloy '99


Education: B.S. Northern Arizona University (Journalism), M.Ed. Northern Arizona University

Other: Published iBooks: "Digital Photography: An Introduction to the Art of Capturing Images in a Digital World" (2015) and "Fundamentals of Journalism" (2014)

Quote, connection or key point as an Ignatian educator:
"Technology isn’t just accelerating, it is accelerating exponentially. The rate of advancement pushes us toward ever-expanding frontiers of possibility — a mostly positive development for education. This does not mean, for example, that the textbook as we know it may die. That death is a given. The only question is what will replace it." ~ Hickey, Kent (2011) "At the Frontier and in the Heart: Jesuit Schools," Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education: Vol. 39, Article 5.

Mr. Mulloy is also the assistant principal for technology.